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Being an Aesthetician and make-up artist has been long time passion of mine. I love bringing out the natural beauty of people. I enjoy working with all kinds of faces, with the goal of bringing out the best features of everyone I am working with.

My passion in life is to create permanent makeup treatment for everyone. No one treatment I perform is ever the same and is as individual as each and every one of my clients. Each one has different facial features, structure, and skin tone which all influence the treatment in different ways.

I am an artist and will always create a best treatment result to suit each individual. Eyebrows treatments are a perfect example of this; I use a range of techniques from 3D-6D hair strokes effect to create a natural brow to suit each individual customer.


Certified and trained by OSCUS and DIPROFEM,S.L. Seville, Spain

Bloodborne Pathogen Certified.

Professional Makeup Artist & Licensed Aesthetician over 20 years in Wisconsin

Facility approved and Certified by  Oneida & Marathon County Health Departments.


Department of Health Tattoo License/Tattoo Artist



Susana Volkmann European Trained  Aesthetician Licensed and Certified in Permanent Makeup by the State of Wisconsin and Oneida & Marathon County Health Departments.
Susana Volkmann from Sevilla Spain is a Licensed Aesthetician (Skin Care Specialist) with more of 20 years of experience in Skin care. She studied in Europe graduating from OSCUS Institute in Sevilla Spain in 1994 in Advanced Aesthetics. She was trained and certified by DIPROFEM,S.L. Seville, Spain in 2007 for permanent cosmetics. Her past experiences include woking with Dermatologists as a Paramedical Aesthetician.

Susana's facility are both certified, licensed and approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Susana has been doing permanent makeup for twelve years, and Microblading for about seven.